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Monday, February 22, 2010

Cutting the ribbon!

16-1Dear friends,

I am thrilled to finally be pulling back the curtain on my online shop after years of requests and encouragement from you all. This has been a long time in the making and has an incredibly timely launch, coinciding with my return to London Fashion Week this year.

When I first sat down to think about creating my online shop, I was all too aware that launching a designer retail brand online is nothing new. I scoured through countless websites, trying to find what was lacking from the average online shopping experience and noticed one, very key missing ingredient. No one had yet managed to capture the magic of an expert “designer” eye, to help choose the perfect personalized outfit for the individual online customer.

I knew that to give my clients the authentic Maria Grachvogel Sloane Street store experience I had to break current online boundaries and creatively come up with an effective yet simple solution. The key to unlocking it was an insight gained from years of successfully dressing women of all shapes and sizes.

I find women intuitively know what parts of their body they love and parts they don’t. In my store the staff can talk to clients and help them discover the clothes that make them look and feel wonderful.

It was this advice and service that I wanted to replicate online. So I created a special section on the website called ‘Virtual Styling: Find your Fit’. This is the solution to provide women with the ability to find the perfect outfit that complements the individual body shape. It will give options to choose parts of their body they want to highlight or to conceal. It’s easy to use and will present various style alternatives. The cut of each individual style and the versatility will be described in detail. For instance, my trousers have no side seams, the cut has been adjusted and perfected over the past 15 years and now they cannot fail to make every woman look fabulous. I offer three styles – straight, palazzo and wide. I designed these three shapes to flatter different body shapes and they instantly lengthen the legs and narrow the hips. My customers tell me that these are the most flattering trousers they have ever worn, and hence they are known as “magic pants” – all shapes and sizes can look good in my collection and this is what I want to communicate with my new website.

The website will feature the complete Maria Grachvogel Spring/Summer 2010 collection and there is even a maternity and post baby page that shows pieces that can be worn throughout pregnancy; all of which can be worn after.

I am totally committed to ensuring clients find what’s right for them so they can interact online or speak to my team for excellent styling advice pre and post purchase.

I hope you enjoy you’re online shopping experience with us. I have made it with you in mind.

Maria x

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