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Baby News!

Thursday, April 1st, 2010

Lumiere Dress SS'10

Dear Friends,

I am happy to give you the news that I gave birth to a lovely baby boy last Tuesday. We have named him Ansel and we are both very well!

I have learned some interesting things about my body and myself over the last nine months and I have found the changes easier to deal with, thanks to the right wardrobe. It is important to allow yourself as much as possible to still feel like you. You are able to look and feel fabulous throughout and afterwards while your body is getting back to normal.

I have discovered that I didn’t need to buy any maternity wear, and that many of the clothes in my wardrobe just worked with my new shape.

I therefore wanted to create a section on my website for maternity that is not at all a specific maternity collection, but contains pieces that work with your body during this time; for example they can all be worn with a supportive bra shape. They are all pieces from the main collection, which you should choose in your usual size, so you can wear it afterwards as well, which was very important to me. We talk about how they work during your nine months on the individual item pages.

I have also included a few pieces for the early pregnancy stage; before the bump really starts to show but when you have already lost your waistline. For the time that you feel a few pounds heavier than you would like and perhaps you need a little extra help to feel a million dollars!

Maria x

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