Empowering. Effortless. Glamour.

Maria Grachvogel designs with an attitude and an approach that is entirely different. We believe in empowering a Woman and giving her confidence through effortless glamour that both looks and feels amazing. After all, confidence is a feeling before it’s a look.

Each piece is unapologetically designed with a focus on the needs and sensibilities of modern Women in the same way Gentlemen have been catered for when being fitted for a high quality suit. Every aspect is considered, the line and silhouette chosen to look stylish and flatter the form but also for supreme comfort and functionality.

From inception to production, we undertake an exhaustive and passionate process to make sure our garments are as smart, beautiful, considered, and versatile as the diverse women we innovate and cater for.

The Collection evolves through cut and fit, engineering and innovation. Appealing to Women with clothes that are purposefully designed and made to sculpt and enhance the body, nurture inner confidence, and exude power and allure – all of which culminate in a powerfully transformative effect once on the body.

Instead of forcing ourselves into clothes that demand things sometimes verging on impossible from our figures and lifestyles, we believe in creating options beyond the tradition that favours an ornamental raison d’etre.

We know what it is to look good because we feel good.  It is the difference between the following two compliments – ‘that Dress is amazing’ and ‘You look amazing’. . .

Working with Women for over 20 years, we know that this ‘feel good’ concept is not something that Women are necessarily accustomed to. We are used to seeing fashion as a tool to ‘pretty’ ourselves, as opposed to it being something to empower ourselves. This is why Maria Grachvogel’s clothes are best understood and appreciated on the body – and not in a Lookbook or on a Runway.

Timeless in quality and attitude, it is our unique approach that has quietly seduced our loyal following of clients, celebrities and industry fans for over 20 years.

Discover effortless glamour. Discover Maria Grachvogel.