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I want to Hide my Tummy ...

When women come into our store they often tell us the parts of the body they would like to emphasise or hide/minimise. We therefore wanted to try and replicate the in store styling advice online for our clients with our unique ‘Find Your Fit’ section. Every season Maria curates and edits the collection with this in mind, so we hope you enjoy this unique and personal approach. If you would like further styling or sizing advice, please do not hesitate to call one of our stylists.
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Magic Pants in Black Satin Crepe
Ishtar Dress
Sale: Now: £685 Was: £975
Asdis Wool Jacket
Sale: Now: £495 Was: £880
Habren Playsuit
Sale: Now: £595 Was: £1175
Aeron Trouser
Sale: Now: £395 Was: £595
Astarte Blouse
Sale: Now: £295 Was: £575
Aditi Gown
Sale: Now: £895 Was: £1775
Charis Printed Blouse
Sale: Now: £325 Was: £650
Erato Dress
Sale: Now: £795 Was: £1095
Elune Jumpsuit in Midnight Satin Back Crepe
Scylla Dress
Sale: Now: £450 Was: £875
Aditi Gown
Sale: Now: £825 Was: £1585
The Mida Jumpsuit in Black Satin Back Crepe
Ishtar Jumpsuit
Ishtar Jumpsuit
Aine Dress
Aine Dress
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