The Artwork Print

”I like to think of Print in regard to clothes almost like 3D Art – looking at the body as my canvas.”

In 1996 I began experimenting with textiles as well as cut and fit. Isabella Blow had introduced me to Sally Hemphill, who was a master at hand devore. I was inspired by the technique on finished dresses and hand drew my designs to follow the line of the dress and sculpt the body for the most flattering finish.

This process got me thinking about applying the same method to prints.

And so, in 2004 I pioneered a new way of Digitally Printing garments. I began painting my own prints with the specific intention of creating artwork for each piece to follow the pattern and sculpt the body and as a result the Artwork Print was born, and has remained an important part of my Collections since.

Each Artwork Print is painted digitally, and printed as a garment as opposed to a being printed as a piece of fabric.

Due to the time-intensive nature of the process, these pieces are always limited in production.

As such, my Artwork Prints are essentially wearable pieces of Art.