The Trouser

I have always been a perfectionist over cut and fit, and nothing troubled me more than being unable to find trousers that fit properly. I soon discovered this was a problem for women everywhere and so my quest for the perfect pair of trousers became an obsessive mission.

A great trouser is about the proportion between waist and hip, and about minimizing any bulk around the hip area. It was clear that the process demanded a new approach and I began working with silhouettes and experimenting with lines directly on the body. In 2006, this process led to an entirely new cut which became an immediate hit with women everywhere and earned the reputation ‘Magic Pants’.

All of our Trousers are built from the same tried and tested block, which means they are all incredibly flattering – and the silhouette is a matter of personal preference.

Each season I develop new silhouettes of Trousers and Jumpsuits so, ideally, I recommend you visit our store initially to have a consultation with one of our trained stylists to help you select the cut and fit you will enjoy the most.

Please Contact Us to arrange a fitting at your convenience.

If it is not possible for you to visit one of our Boutiques, I do hope that the below guide will help you select the perfect pair for you.

The classic ‘Magic’ pant, in the Collection since 2006, is consistently a best-seller.  This Trouser shape flatters all body types and is a wonderful, timeless addition to every wardrobe with its gently flared leg. It is cut to around 1 inch below the natural waist and is very fitted through the waist and hip area, featuring a gorgeous curved seam at the back which helps to sculpt the hips, and lengthen the legs.

The ‘Skinny’ cut has had several versions from the super skinny ‘Cybele’, which is cut to be cropped to the ankle to the ‘Beaton’, which is a more classic straight leg.

The ‘Loose’ fit was developed as I really wanted an option that felt somehow easier and more relaxed to wear. These have become a firm favourite, and also feature with a new cropped length and in a fabulous skirt-[ant cut from the same block.

All of our Trouser shapes are cut without side seams for maximum length and flattery.

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